Learning to share.

6 children later and I’m finally learning been a parent is a job role for two. It took two to make them and it takes two raise them. My mum and dad separated when I was young.I used to be a daddy’s girl and found it difficult at times only getting Sundays with dad. As […]

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Don’t forget about me?!

So it’s new year and everyone is on the band wagon of “new year new me”, not me I can’t be bothered and if I’m brutally honest the only time I need to squeeze into something different to leave the house in is when waterproofs are required, as I’m to tight to buy a bigger […]

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Weaning already

We’re not quite their yet, Bertie isn’t ready or near 6months but I’ve started to think about how and when to do it. I’ve done baby led with the last three and I’m not sure if I can bear the mess it makes this time and if I’m completely honest I like the thought of […]

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Cut back Christmas!

As I child I remember waking up and coming downstairs to mountains of gifts.I really only remember a couple of them now, tiny tears,my little pony carriage and this god awful monster with rubber hand cuffs that frightened me so much it stayed at my nana and grandads. I’ve/we’ve Carried on this tradition with our […]

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Getting the baby fed.

I know we all say it but where has time gone? Bertie is almost 4 months old. It feels like it was only yesterday he was born but also that he’s been here forever. The beginning wasn’t easy more for me then Bertie. With feeding issues that seemed never ending and the guilt that comes […]

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