Learning to share.

6 children later and I’m finally learning been a parent is a job role for two. It took two to make them and it takes two raise them. My mum and dad separated when I was young.I used to be a daddy’s girl and found it difficult at times only getting Sundays with dad. As […]

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Purflo baby nest

So as a mum of seven children over the last 14 years we have gone through a lot of must have baby gadgets. We’ve probably tried every sleep aid you can imagine and every pram for every terrain. So with Douglas be in the last baby I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy anything […]

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Sunshine wood Billingham

I’m absolutely loving the new role play centres for kids. Il do any thing to avoid a soft play visit. I hate the fact you can never see where you children are. The ball pool of doom with every bit of Bacteria,virus and infection lurking On the balls And more kids rammed in then you’d […]

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Emoji chocolate maker

This week Florence was gifted an emoji chocolate making kit by zimpli kids. She asked if she could do it all by her self and film it also. So after school she got stuck in. The box comes with enough chocolate to make two emoji chocolates.All the equipment needed can be used again, any chocolate […]

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Chester zoo

So in the summer holidays i promised the kids we’d go to Chester zoo. It didn’t happen due to a epidemic of chicken pox through out the whole house. So today was the day we decided to go. We set off just after 8am and arrived just before 11am.5 kids with us the older boys […]

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Back to school week 1

So this week has been the first full week of the kids been back. I thought we might get back into a routine, drop off, come home catch up on house work in the morning, Pre school run pick up then meet a friend or go some where. Well let me tell you, I’m yet […]

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Low PAPP-A hormone

Not many people know about this condition or what it can mean but with baby 5(Percy) I was diagnosed with low PAPP-A hormone. I’ve never felt so worried and scared. This wasn’t due to the condition but for the reason it was flagged up in the first place. So picture this almost 30 kids coming […]

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Percy is now a threenager.

Blink and you might miss it. I remember it like yesterday riding on the quad and collecting electric fence posts in 37 weeks pregnant. Then starting with with the twinges and thinking I’d triggered braxton hick off. I was still working as a childminder and had pick ups to do so off I went pains […]

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