Biology is science.

Now been Father’s Day it got me thinking.

I read people’s shout out to their amazing dads, uncles and grandads and think Im so lucky to have the dad I do.

We may not call each other father and daughter but he’s my dad. We may not have the same blood running through our veins but after all biology is science only.

I think I’ve asked my mum this question so many times. “Why couldn’t Andrew be my real dad”. He is as I say my dad. He has been there when boyfriends have broke my heart. When I was learning to drive and buying my first car. He was there when I had job interviews and when I had school choices to make. That’s a dad not Biology!

I prob don’t tell him near enough that I’m grateful for the path he sent me down, the lessons he let me learn or taught me. I don’t shower him in gifts, cards etc but that doesn’t mean all he does and has done hasn’t ment the world to me.

Im just so greatful that he stepped up when biology stepped down. He stepped in when biology stepped out. He supported two children when they were left to be supported. This is what makes a dad not biology.

Thank you Andrew (dad) for been you 💕

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