Percy is now a threenager.

Blink and you might miss it. I remember it like yesterday riding on the quad and collecting electric fence posts in 37 weeks pregnant. Then starting with with the twinges and thinking I’d triggered braxton hick off. I was still working as a childminder and had pick ups to do so off I went pains getting slightly worse but nothing like labour… I thought. Tea done and sorting the kids and I had to admit that the pains were getting stronger and regular. I didn’t want to waste the hospitals time by going in with a false start it’s baby 5 I should know the difference.

Any way Phil said I should go get checked and made me ring the ward. “Pop down” they said “bring your bad just incase” I hadn’t packed a bag I had three weeks left. So chucked the bare essentials in a catch kidston over night bag and told the kids I’d be back after emmerdale.

When telling them this I hadn’t realised it wouldn’t tonight’s episode of emmerdale. Sure enough I was in labour and the panic set in when they realised. Steroids given and plenty of fluid to slow things down in hope I get a the full dosage to help the babies lungs.

After a long night slow labouring things settled and I was taken to a ward in hope labour had stopped. Just tucking into lunch and with the hope after my last steroid injection, I might get to go home, I hadn’t even got half way though and they contractions started again more intense. I tried to hide it as I wanted my pudding I hadn’t eaten for over 24hours incase I needed theatre. From across the room an almighty put that pudding down and don’t eat and drink any more your contracting.

Sure enough I was.i was recommend a hot bath and they were going to review me. Sure enough things kept ticking over contractions and the worry that I was going to be on and off for ever. As I got out the bath the midwife shouted your going to theatre at 6 as we don’t want your precious c section scar to rupture. Panic set it i couldn’t get hold of Phil he would be milking. Luckily my mum was with me but the fear in her face said it all.

Phil made it, i was running late due to an emergency which was a blessing in disguise. We watched the clock. The pain was getting worse as the time moved on. 9.45pm I was taken down to theatre and was next in the que. The good old NHS conveyer belt system. The pains were getting worse I could lay/sit still.

I was desperate now, praying another emergency didn’t pip me to the post. It didn’t, In I went out and as the say the rest in history. Percy Edwin was born it felt surreal I made Phil check him over as we’d had an awful pregnancy (another blog post) I needed confirmation he was healthy. He was, he was perfect.

Fast forward to now he’s three,three!

He’s our most gentle soul, kind but feral. Full of adventure and no fear. He’s turning into a smashing little individual and I couldn’t be more proud. Next step is Pre-school and he’s absolutely ready.


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