Emoji chocolate maker

This week Florence was gifted an emoji chocolate making kit by zimpli kids.

She asked if she could do it all by her self and film it also. So after school she got stuck in.

The box comes with enough chocolate to make two emoji chocolates.All the equipment needed can be used again, any chocolate will do once you’ve used up the supply it was sent with.

Flori read the instructions first and they were fab and very child friendly. She got the the bowl and asked my to fill it with tap warm water. From then on the making was completely child led with a little bit of mum supervision.

The stencils needed cutting out, you can choose which image to use, some are harder to do then others but after a little bit of practice they will all become easy.

It’s a lovely little activity that takes about 10minutes to do and a further 10-30mins for the chocolate to set.

The age id say it covers is 5years plus and would make a perfect gift for someone. The younger they are the more help to fill in the image may be needed due to squeezing it and not knocking the tray. We used a Tiny bit of tape to keep it all in place.

Florence had no issues and found the emoji chocolate maker really simple to use. Mess was very minimal and the actual emoji was very tasty. It’s one activity she will use again and enjoy doing. She’s asked to use pink chocolate next time instead of milk chocolate to see how it turns out.

Thank you

Zimpli kids xx


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